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How to grow professionally as a freelance consultant?

At FocusTribes, we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of the consultants who join our Label, of course, but also to the relevance of the missions we offer them. Our objective is to understand the expectations of our consultants beforehand, so that we can then offer...

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¡WEBINAR🇪🇸! The Value of Big data to decision making

🗓️ Novembre 2022, the 24th

🕐 12h30-13h30


Data management and performance, what does it mean for you?

How to make data an effective weapon for business transformation?


Join us in this webinar hosted by our spanish community of expert consultants. And all in a 100%...

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Leading a successful change with the ADKAR method

In a constantly changing world, companies must be agile and create a dynamic of change to ensure their sustainability. 


Transforming an organisation is a complex and expensive process.


Beyond the technical specifics, it is essential to consider the human dimension. 




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How to select the right people to carry out transformation projects?

Finding the right resources to lead transformation projects, whether large or small, is always the main challenge for Managers and Programme Directors. Beyond the internal teams, it is often necessary to find transversal skills during the different phases of the project to...

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CSR & Employee Engagement : 4 key ideas

The transformation of companies has become unavoidable, in order to achieve the environmental objectives set out in the Paris Agreement, but also to meet society’s increased expectations in terms of CSR. However, since this transformation involves calling into question certain...

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Freelance consultants : how to stop feeling isolated?

At FocusTribes, we are committed to creating a strong collective so that independent consultants can share their experiences and feel supported. Our quality label, based on the high level of expertise of its members, also places great emphasis on the collaborative aspect. The...

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Sustainability & Performance: 3 key ideas

For several years now, environmental issues have been at the heart of company transformation projects. The major challenge of today and tomorrow is therefore to implement effective tools to measure and support these transformation projects as best as possible.


A group of...

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CSR and Business Transformation: 4 key ideas

In recent years, CSR has become a major challenge for companies.

It's both a matter of complying with new regulatory requirements and meeting the increasingly strong expectations expressed by stakeholders.


In recent months, this awareness has accelerated significantly, making...

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IS Audit and Roadmap: Client Testimonial

Whatever their size, the transformation of organisations is a real challenge for management. Finding the right experts to guide them and help them ask the right questions in advance is a real challenge for companies. This is where we add value at FocusTribes!


Chuck Walter,...

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Successful Transformation Programmes: The Essential Guide

Although the notion of transformation/optimisation is as old as the hills, each project has its own specificities, and we sometimes have the impression that we are reinventing the wheel... And what if the key was, of course, to apply good practices, but above all to learn from...

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