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How to choose the right freelance consultant ?

In large companies, peak workloads, particularly in the context of transformation projects, often require the recruitment of external functional or technical-functional consultants. And then the headache begins... The current context of resource shortages makes the task much...

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Becoming freelance consultant : our 5 tips for success

The diversity of roles that consultants can have in organisations is what often attracts young people to the consulting profession. A consultant often has the opportunity to have access to a wide variety of assignments in a single year, or even to share his or her daily life...

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WEBINAR🇫🇷! Implementation Greenfield S/4 Hana: return of experience

🗓️ March 16th, 2023

🕐 12.30 -13.30


Implementation Greenfield S/4 Hana : What are the impacts for companies ?

What are the main challenges on this type of projects ?


Come and share the testimonies and best practices of our French community of expert consultants, all in a...

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Carve In / Out: How to better manage these transformation projects?

A Carve Out project is the sale by a company or a group of companies of a branch of its activity; the Carve In is the opposite operation, which consists of absorbing a new activity. It is an eminently important project, both for the seller and the buyer, because it has a...

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Would you choose Central Finance over a Greenfield SAP S/4Hana?

Today, many companies have complicated multi-ERP landscapes that involve several different ERP source systems. They most often require the installation of applications for business planning and consolidation. 


These architectures force functional teams to use many different...

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CSR & Transformation programs : the Program Directors essential guide

For the second season of the Program Director Lab, we wanted to put this priority theme of CSR at the heart of our discussions and take advantage of the tremendous potential of the FocusTribes community in the broadest sense (including our consultants, of course, but also our...

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Talent shortage: could freelancers be the solution?

Since the health crisis, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to recruit. The numerous lockdowns have forced us to rethink our way of life, many employees have become more demanding, and some have even quit to join a company that is more in line with their values.

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Excellence, a pillar of the FocusTribes consultants' quality label

The talent shortage is not a myth!

Since the beginning of 2022 in particular, many companies have had to deal with numerous resignations. In several sectors, they are now finding it difficult to recruit and are therefore increasingly turning to the freelance market.


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What is your career path after becoming a Program Director?

The program director's mission is to support the transformation of their company, often in the field of digital technology, but not exclusively. They may be entrusted with a portfolio of projects or a single major project. Their position is generally cross-functional, as their...

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The 3 advantages of a good project management partner

Whether you are an SME or a large group, transformation is part of the life of a company and requires the right partners. Due to purchasing policies aimed at optimising the supplier panel, managers are often limited in their choice of service providers. Selecting the right...

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