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In a constantly evolving environment, the management of transformation projects has become an essential element for the survival and growth of companies. According to a study conducted by EY in 2021*, 67% of managers admit to having recently experienced a failed transformation. Of course, there are many reasons why projects fail.  However, it is often recognized that change management is of crucial importance when transforming a company, whether in the context of a functional change (tool and/or process evolution in a department, etc.), organizational change (cross-functional projects such as HR process evolution...) or global change (such as a merger-acquisition). A study carried out among a panel of FocusTribes consultants in 2021 reveals that, in the event of harmonization projects under-performing, 91% of respondents believe that change management has been underestimated or under-staffed.


So what are the best practices for initiating a project, particularly in terms of the "People" aspect, and what criteria should be prioritized when recruiting external service providers?


Firstly, a well-chosen sponsor has the influence needed to mobilize resources, overcome obstacles and maintain positive momentum throughout the transformation process. Furthermore, it communicates the project's strategic value to all stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding of its objectives and benefits, and ensuring that the entire organization buys into the transformation underway. In other words, sponsorship is an essential practice for successful transformation projects, as it guarantees the leadership and ongoing support that are essential to achieving the desired change.



In managing transformation projects, providing clear direction is also an essential practice. A well-defined vision creates a solid roadmap for the entire organization, aligning efforts and objectives. It also inspires stakeholder confidence by showing them where the company wants to go and why. A clear vision acts as a motivational catalyst, mobilizing teams and fostering a shared understanding of priorities. By integrating this practice into the management of transformation projects, companies can not only accelerate their change process, but also maximize their chances of success by federating the commitment of all the players involved.



By adopting this essential quality, leaders can better understand the needs, concerns and viewpoints of their team members, as well as the stakeholders involved. This deeper understanding fosters a climate of trust and collaboration, essential for successful organizational transformation. Listening and taking human factors into account also enables us to anticipate emotional reactions to change, making it easier to manage resistance and implement more effective engagement strategies. It's also essential to surround yourself with external partners who are in tune with this approach. In this way, the project managers and expert consultants involved can create an environment conducive to the acceptance of change, thus promoting the overall success of the transformation.


Aude Pignot, Finance Director at Aubade, shares with us her experience of working with FocusTribes over the past year. In particular, she talks about human skills, which are a particularly decisive factor in the selection process for independent consultants.

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I'm Aude Pignot! I'm Aubade's Financial Director. I joined the company four years ago, after a career in finance, first in an auditing firm, then in retail, where I developed over the years.



I had the opportunity to involve FocusTribes as part of the SAP implementation for Aubade, and thus the reinforcement with the help of a consultant within the teams. I called on several consulting firms, primarily through social networks. As a result, Mathias got in touch with me and we got on really well. As a result, we developed the project that way.

I liked the human side. I think that's something very important to me, and I think Mathias was quick to pick up on that. So when he finally suggested Alexandra as a consultant, it was an immediate fit. And I think he really sensed that.

What I really appreciate, because I work mainly with a consultant on the SAP project, is both the human and the professional side. It worked right away, both with me and with the rest of the team. So that means we can move forward with confidence. As a result, the project is going extremely well!


As Aude explains, at FocusTribes, we take the time upstream to fully understand the customer's needs and expectations. Our aim is to propose only the most relevant profiles.


In addition, giving team members an appropriate degree of responsibility and autonomy stimulates their commitment and motivation. This practice also fosters innovation, as it enables employees to make informed decisions and explore new ideas. In addition, empowerment strengthens teams' resilience in the face of change by helping them to develop problem-solving and adaptation skills. Finally, it contributes to creating a work environment where individuals feel valued and competent, which can improve the quality of execution of the transformation project.


By fostering a collective approach, organizations can leverage the diversity of skills, perspectives and experiences within their workforce. This synergy helps generate more creative solutions, identify untapped opportunities, and effectively resolve complex transformation challenges. By stimulating a collaborative environment, team members feel valued and invested in the change process, which boosts their commitment and motivation. Collaboration also promotes the rapid diffusion of knowledge and best practices, accelerating the adoption of change within the organization. In other words, placing collaboration and the teamwork at the heart of transformation projects is an invaluable strategy for maximizing the effectiveness and success of these initiatives.


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*Sources : EY Global Board Risk Survey 2021 - survey de 511 CEO & board of Directors members



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