Harmonisation and standardisation: The Tribe's expert opinion



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Within our FocusTribes Expert Tribes, we regularly organize sharing and exchange sessions. In this context, we thought it appropriate to ask our members for their feedback on the harmonization and standardization projects implemented by our customers. So we asked ourselves: are these approaches being called into question, or are they being embraced? What about their performance, and what are the pitfalls to be avoided?


We submitted a survey to 85 Project Managers and Program Directors, who generously agreed to participate. Their responses provided valuable and enlightening insights.



Overall, the results of the survey showed that harmonization and standardization approaches are not being called into question, but on the contrary, are widely acclaimed. Participants highlighted a number of benefits arising from these approaches, including reduced redundancies, improved operational efficiency, facilitated communication and collaboration between different teams and departments, and simplified internal processes.


However, certain pitfalls were also identified. Respondents highlighted the need to take into account the specific characteristics of each customer. Adaptability and flexibility are key to the success of these assignments. In addition, clear communication and effective change management are essential to secure the support and collaboration of all concerned.


In terms of performance, feedback was generally positive. Participants noted significant improvements in quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. However, they stressed the importance of regularly measuring and evaluating the results obtained, so as to be able to make the necessary adjustments and continue to make progress.


In conclusion, harmonization and standardization approaches are widely supported within our expert community. They offer considerable benefits, but also require a situation-specific approach and effective change management. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the 85 Project Managers and Program Directors who took part in our survey, and hope that these insights will prove useful to all those embarking on similar assignments.


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