How to select the right people to carry out transformation projects?



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Finding the right resources to lead transformation projects, whether large or small, is always the main challenge for Managers and Programme Directors. Beyond the internal teams, it is often necessary to find transversal skills during the different phases of the project to support, reinforce or make the operational teams adhere. Knowing how to surround yourself with good partners in the search for profiles is therefore crucial.


Pascal Jenny, SVP Business Services and Projects at Coty, one of the leading companies in the Beauty, Cosmetics and Fragrance sector, has been a FocusTribes client for 3 years. Here he talks about his collaboration with FocusTribes. In particular, he emphasises the efficiency of the firm in responding to the requests for proposal, thanks to its network of over 600 highly selected consultants. In addition, the business expertise and ease of integration of the Tribe's members into the client's various functional teams make them very quickly solid relays for carrying out the various types of transformation projects👇 




Hello! I’m Pascal Jenny, I am 56 years old.

I am SVP Business Services and Projects at Coty.


With FocusTribes, we have had consultants for different types of transformation projects.

What is very important in the collaboration with FocusTribes, is their efficiency because most of the time, the execution time between the moment the decision is made to staff a consultant and the beginning of the project is very short.

It is also the profile of the resources that are given to us because for us it's a resource that really needs to be integrated into the local functional teams in each market.


What makes the difference is people who have a functional sense, who are highly deployed in at least one dimension.

This allows them to interact with the business and to be not seen as consultants, but as people who have already worked in business and who understand local constraints.



At FocusTribes, the very strict accreditation process allows us to select the best freelance consultants. It is based not only on a detailed analysis of their background and experience, but also on their human capacity to understand, in the most subtle and effective way possible, the specificities of each client. 


But what are the human qualities that make the real difference?


Manon Dagorne, Talent Lead and Manager of the Talent Acquisition Hub that the fast-growing company has just opened in Barcelona, shares her experience with us:


"The strong values of our Quality Label are Excellence, Commitment, Trust and Collective, and this is not Marketing!!! Our entire talent selection process, as well as the way we recruit our internal teams, is based on these values! 


We look for people who are service-minded, serious and above all committed to everything they do. Reliability and value of the word are essentials at FocusTribes! Our experts like to stress the importance of intellectual honesty!


A sense of community is also a common thread in our community. Independent yes, but not alone! Joining the FocusTribes concept means joining a dynamic network. It also speaks to an open mindset and an ease of fitting in with a team, playing the game, just like when you join a team for a project."


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