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The talent shortage is not a myth!

Since the beginning of 2022 in particular, many companies have had to deal with numerous resignations. In several sectors, they are now finding it difficult to recruit and are therefore increasingly turning to the freelance market.

In transformation projects, especially in connection with the reorganisation of processes and IT, managers are already used to using freelance consultants. They need highly qualified experts in their field of expertise, for a specific mission over a specific period of time. But with the shortage of high-level profiles also growing among freelancers, it is not necessarily easy to find the right partner... At FocusTribes, the value of "Excellence" drives both our concept and our community of expert consultants, and thus allows us to secure our clients' projects. But how can we guarantee this high level of excellence on a daily basis?


There is nothing better for guaranteeing excellent service than to be able to understand the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders as accurately as possible.

To do this, active listening is fundamental. Taking the time, from the first meeting, on the client's or consultant's side, to fully understand the prospect's objective is key. Bouncing back on what they say, by asking relevant questions, helps to reassure the interviewee, who immediately feels understood. 

Also, a detailed knowledge of the field of activity helps to understand the ins and outs more quickly and to get to the heart of the matter more quickly.

Finally, a sharp expertise in the central theme of the mission, based on several years of experience in various sectors of activity, guarantees a high level of relevance.


Once the stage is set, how do you really put it all together?

At FocusTribes, Excellence is our essence!

The demanding selection and accreditation process ensures that we surround ourselves with the best, but above all with those who share our strong values!

As with our clients, we attach great importance to the quality of the relationships we build with our consultants. Our consultants are our first partners and our bonds of trust are a guarantee of excellence over the long term.


This stage is essential! From the outset, we create the right conditions for future collaborative relationships. We go through the consultant's background with a fine-tooth comb. In particular, we make sure of the high level of excellence of their technical and functional skills, but also of their interpersonal skills through detailed feedback from their former colleagues and/or managers. Thus, clients who work with us know that with FocusTribes consultants, they can go in with their eyes closed!


Pierre-Eric, P2P/O2C Expert consultant is a freelancer and member of the community for 3 years. Here he tells us about his collaboration with FocusTribes for a client, in the industrial sector, and in particular talks about the importance of value excellence in the whole selection and accreditation process👇.


My name is Pierre-Eric. 

I've been working for about 20 years in the IT ecosystem and especially for the last 15 years, in the SAP ecosystem. 

I started working with SAP for an end customer, as an SAP support manager. 

I switched to an ESN, which is an integrator of dematerialization solutions for supplier invoices. 

Three years ago, I decided to become a freelancer. 

It was after this change that I started working with FocusTribes. 


I am running a deployment of S4 Hana, of SAP S4 Hana, all over the world at the different entities of Imerys. 

I'm part of the P2P team, so I play the role of BPE, or business process expert, to promote the core model that was set up during the design phase of this core model and we deploy it in the various entities.  

Today, I am working on the deployment in the United States and also in Singapore. 


So why did I choose FocusTribes as a partner on my freelance missions? 

Firstly, it is their involvement in the freelance world and in particular their willingness to work with freelancers and promote the excellence that freelancers can bring to SAP missions. 

Then, I also identified this excellence dimension through the selection process, because in fact I was able to put forward my former experiences and in particular the values that are recognized by my former clients during the whole selection process. 

In my experience, especially in my earlier years, one of the points of attention on which I am very focused is this dimension of isolation from collaborators and from a potential structure that we could have in a company. 

So I think it's something that is important and I feel that FocusTribes is concerned by this dimension, so it also influenced my choice of FocusTribes.


Finally, excellence among the independent consultants of the FocusTribes community is clearly linked to their human qualities and to the sharing of strong values that drive the Tribe: beyond Excellence, the sense of Commitment, Trust and Collective. And when we say Collective, we mean sharing skills, best practices and convivial moments to grow together! Indeed, with more than 600 consultants spread all over France, Spain and several European countries, and even beyond now, the strength of the collective is undeniable!


So what are you waiting for to join us or to contact the Tribe?


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