How to grow professionally as a freelance consultant?



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At FocusTribes, we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of the consultants who join our Label, of course, but also to the relevance of the missions we offer them. Our objective is to understand the expectations of our consultants beforehand, so that we can then offer them projects that are as close as possible to their wishes and that will help them grow! But is it possible to grow as a freelance consultant? Which assignments should I choose to give myself the best chance?


First of all, when you are an independent consultant, it is essential to take the time to train regularly to stay up to date.

Firstly, skills, whether technical or functional, are the essence of the value contribution to the client, and the consultant must update them regularly to deliver quality work to his clients.

In addition, beyond the quest for excellence to better serve clients, the added value of regular training reinforces the consultant's position as an expert and justifies a progressive increase in fees.

Also, adding new strings to one's bow will enable the consultant to diversify and develop his offer and thus remain competitive on the market.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, becoming a freelance consultant is often motivated by a taste for challenge, the desire to never be bored and the desire for freedom. Regular training is a great lever for intellectual nourishment and access to ever more interesting missions.


In addition to training, carrying out high value-added projects is also the key to gaining experience and skills and thus to progress. The choice of partners to find quality missions will therefore also count a lot. Being a freelancer, especially at FocusTribes, means having access to assignments with responsibilities!


Marcela, a freelance consultant for over 15 years and a member of the community for almost 2 years, is a perfect example. Here she talks about her collaboration with FocusTribes for one of our clients in the industrial sector, and in particular about her internal evolution within the business teams👇.



I am Marcela, SAP Finance and Controlling consultant.

I am Colombian but I have been living in France for about 15 years.

I have always worked on SAP implementation or deployment projects, especially in the industry, in France but also internationally.


I've been working in partnership with FocusTribes for a year and a half now on a huge implementation project for a core model solution. It's really a great project!

It was a great opportunity for me, because it was my first time in an S4 project.

It was a really big project with an incredible team and a deployment roadmap, over several years and several waves, in several countries. 

After 6 months of working on this project as a consultant in a team of full experts, the client asked me to replace the team manager.

Since then, the mission has changed a lot.

I went from being the management control consultant on a wave in France, to managing the Finance team, composed of 6 very good experts, to being the person in charge of the Finance core model and also to make sure that the following roll out went smoothly. 

Roll out to new countries for example. 

We have already deployed in France, the UK and Sweden, but now we go on with new countries such as Singapore, the United States, Italy and soon Eastern Europe.


What I like about Focustribes is the quality of their community. 

The consultants are very efficient and professional.

We recognize the technical competence, but also human which completely facilitates the smooth running of projects.

The strongest values are excellence and commitment.

All FocusTribes consultants are true experts, hyper committed.


Finally, beyond the evolution within the company in which the consultants carry out their mission, the fact of working in an international context allows for a strong enrichment. Being able to communicate in several languages, exchanging and even coordinating with people from different cultures, allows you to develop your ability to adapt and to learn a lot on a personal level.

This is also the strength of the FocusTribes community!

Consultants can thus not only develop in terms of responsibilities in their projects, but also transversally, by putting their experience to good use in other subsidiaries within the group in which they work.


Contributing to the development of our consultants and being able to deploy motivated, bilingual (or more) experts, often with extensive experience of projects in international contexts, is our DNA at FocusTribes. And this is what makes the real difference in the eyes of our clients!


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