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Whatever their size, organizational transformation is a real challenge for top management. Finding the right experts to guide them and help them ask the right questions upstream is a real challenge for companies. And that's where FocusTribes' added value comes in!


Chuck Walter, CIO & Business Transformation Leader at PFN, talks about working with FocusTribes👇


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My name is Chuck Walter. I'm with PFNonWovens. We manufacture non-woven materials for the healthcare and medical industry. 


We chose FocusTribes after meeting several firms. My CEO also had previous experience with FocusTribes. We appreciated their professionalism and understanding of the subject.


Our collaboration with FocusTribes went very well. We worked with Marc who conducted a lot of interviews with users in the company to gather all the business needs in detail. This quality intervention allowed us to make the right decisions about the evolution of our ERP system by presenting relevant recommendations to management.  


The main added value of the FocusTribes consultant was his extensive experience of the industrial sector and the issues we were facing. The concrete cases that he had encountered with other clients fed our thinking and challenged us to ask the right questions. This was a real asset in taking the right direction for our project.


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