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Choosing the right partners and business experts is key to ensuring sustainable growth and trusting relationships when leading transformation projects. In this article, we explore the key qualities that contribute to strengthening valuable collaborative relationships, drawing on the testimony of Nathaly Dupuy-Vassal, Program Director at Servier, who shares her experience with FocusTribes. We look at five key aspects that make a partner an essential player in the management of transformation projects: listening, human proximity, personalised advice, commitment and efficiency.


One of the first assets of a true partner is the ability to listen carefully to the needs and concerns of customers and partners. This quality is crucial to establishing a relationship of trust. When customers and partners feel heard, they are more inclined to remain committed. Servier's Nathaly Dupuy-Vassal underlines the importance of this quality at FocusTribes, which has enabled her to benefit from tailor-made solutions to advise her on her transformation projects.


Human proximity is a fundamental element in building trust. Business relationships are first and foremost relationships between people. Genuine partners understand this dynamic and seek to establish genuine bonds. This can mean regular face-to-face meetings, informal interactions and a deep understanding of each other's objectives.



A good partner doesn't just provide generic solutions, but also personalised advice. This means understanding the specific needs of each customer or partner, and providing tailored solutions. FocusTribes, for example, was able to provide Nathaly Dupuy-Vassal with cross-functional feedback, enabling her to obtain relevant advice based on similar projects carried out for other customers.

Find below the full testimonial from Nathaly Dupuy-Vassal, Program Director at Servier, who shares with us her experience of working with FocusTribes. In particular, she tells us about the assets she particularly appreciates and which make FocusTribes a true partner.



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I'm Nathaly Dupuy-Vassal! I started my career in information systems. I joined Corporate Strategy in the Servier Group in 2019. I'm Director of a transformation program. I look after the Servier Group's transformation portfolio.


For me, FocusTribes is a true partner in the sense that FocusTribes listens. FocusTribes makes a point of understanding my needs. FocusTribes is really close to me, and that's very important to me. I receive personalized advice from FocusTribes. I get a sense of commitment and efficiency from FocusTribes.


More than a network of consultants, it's really the community of the best independent consultants that I'm looking for. I mentioned this earlier. For me, FocusTribes is a true partner. So my advice to FocusTribes is to keep it that way.


As Nathaly says, at FocusTribes, service is tailor-made. We always adapt to our customers' needs and expectations.



Commitment is the key to loyalty. A true partner is deeply committed to the success of its partners. This means being prepared to go beyond what is expected, to solve problems quickly and efficiently, and to be flexible when necessary. Commitment also manifests itself in a willingness to take calculated risks to support mutual growth.


Last but not least, efficiency is a key factor in building customer and partner loyalty. An efficient partner is able to deliver high-quality results on time. This requires careful management of resources, strategic planning and precise execution. When customers and partners see that their objectives are being met efficiently, they are more likely to remain committed over the long term.

In conclusion, the right partner needs to be a good listener, be close to people, provide personalised advice, show commitment, and be effective in delivering projects. As Nathaly Dupuy-Vassal of Servier pointed out in her FocusTribes testimonial, a true partner goes beyond expectations to support the success of its customers. These principles, combined with a deep understanding of each customer's specific needs, are the pillars of a solid and lasting relationship.


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By putting these fundamental principles into practice, and by looking for the right partners, you'll be able to achieve your goals.


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