Transformation program: where to start?


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"A transformation program is a set of projects aimed at implementing a lasting and significant change, which distinguishes it from continuous improvement initiatives. It impacts the daily life of employees and therefore organizations, processes, information systems, etc. "


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A transformation program must support the company's strategic ambition. It requires strong sponsorship, with a fully aligned management team, and a clear vision of the challenges and objectives.

A transformation program must be in line with the company's strategic plan and its CSR challenges. It can be defensive, to ensure the survival of a divested entity or to face the pressure of technological and competitive changes. It can also be offensive, in order to stand out and gain an edge over other players in the sector. In either case, it is necessary to have a vision of the landing point. This vision can be more or less precise. If it is an activity that must become independent, the objective may be to maintain the level of service. The target is then generally known. If the goal is to increase efficiency, the field of possibilities is potentially more open.

Strong sponsorship is also essential to give legitimacy and credibility to the approach. Governance must also be capable of arbitration. Experience shows that the drifts observed in certain projects are often linked to a failure in the decision-making process.


Implementing a transformation program requires a method, not necessarily a strict one, but one that provides a framework for the process and gives it consistency. It is important to start with the activities, and then draw the consequences in terms of organization...

You want to know more about this idea lab, and why not participate in the next sessions? 


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