How to secure data by modernizing a decision-making IS ?



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Data management plays a crucial role in strategic business management. A methodical, organized approach to data is essential for effective business development and informed decision-making

In this article, we'll look at the key principles involved in modernizing Decision-Making Information Systems, including the challenge of securing data, best practices for effective implementation, and the benefits of such an approach.



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Grégory SIGNAHODÉ - BI & Data Analyst Consultant, member of the FocusTribes community for the past three years, shares with us his experience of a project to modernize the decision-making information system and make data more reliable and secure at Schmidt Group.




 I - Why modernize your Information System?


The modernization of Decision-making Information System is crucial for companies wishing to exploit the full potential of their data. Traditional BI systems, often inherited from outdated technologies, struggle to meet today's demands for data volume, variety and speed. An aging IS can limit a company's ability to make informed decisions, innovate and remain competitive.

As Grégory explains: "At Schmidt Groupe, it wasn't possible to query the activity of all stores at the same time using traditional BI, or else it was extremely time-consuming. So it was vital to modernize these systems to be efficient for internal use."

Modernizing your IS enables these systems to be transformed into real engines of growth. With more flexible and scalable infrastructures, you can better respond to current and future challenges. Proper modernization improves data quality and reliability, optimizes decision-making processes and enhances the security of sensitive information.

Meeting market requirements

Economic and technological environments are changing rapidly. Companies need to adapt to stay relevant. Modernizing Decision-making IS enables the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), offering a better understanding of markets, customers and internal operations. 


Optimizing Resources and Costs

A modernized IS automates analytical processes, reducing operational costs and freeing up resources for strategic initiatives. The integration of different business functions facilitates data management and improves overall efficiency.


Fostering Innovation and Agility

A modern decision-making IS provides a flexible platform that facilitates innovation. Companies can experiment and develop new products and services more quickly, adapting to new market opportunities and challenges.


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 II - The main benefits of a modernized decision-making IS


Agility and responsiveness

Agility is one of the key benefits of a modernized decision-making IS. By adopting modular solutions and cloud platforms, companies can quickly adjust their systems in line with market developments. This flexibility reduces time-to-market and enables opportunities to be seized more quickly.


Data reliability

Data reliability and quality are essential for accurate strategic decisions. A modernized decision-making IS uses advanced technologies to ensure data accuracy, consistency and quality. Data governance and management tools help reduce errors and ensure regulatory compliance.


Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is improved by automating analytical processes and integrating systems. Repetitive tasks are automated, reducing costs and improving productivity. Teams can concentrate on high value-added analysis and innovation.


Making Informed Decisions

A modernized IS offers advanced analysis tools and real-time dashboards, enabling managers to make faster, more informed decisions. Access to reliable, up-to-date data helps to better understand market trends, anticipate customer needs and react quickly to changes.


For Grégory, his challenges at Schmidt Group were above all "to be able to trust the data reported, and the reports delivered, to be able to make the right decisions". The second issue, which he was able to confront, was "the future of these platforms, particularly in the use of DataViz tools and Cloud solutions, new modern stats, on Google Cloud Plateform, Big Query..." 



 III - Key stages in modernizing your decision-making IS


Evaluation of the Existing

The first step in modernizing the decision-making IS, is to assess the existing system. This involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current system, understanding the company's needs and defining priorities. This assessment enables us to draw up a complete inventory and plan the actions required to achieve the modernization objectives.


Definition of Objectives

Defining objectives is a crucial step. It is important to clarify what the company wants to achieve by modernizing its IS. Improved operational efficiency? Improved data reliability? Adoption of new technologies? Well-defined objectives guide technology choices and implementation steps.


Choice of Solutions

The choice of solutions must be guided by the objectives defined above. This involves selecting the technologies and partners that best match the company's needs. This includes examining cloud computing options, data integration solutions, cybersecurity tools and process automation platforms.


Implementation and Training

The implementation of the IS modernization must be carefully planned and executed. It is important to minimize service interruptions and ensure a smooth transition. Training teams is also crucial to ensure they are able to make the most of the new solutions. Ongoing training is essential to ensure successful adoption and maximize return on investment.



 IV - How Focustribes can help you manage your data projects 


Focustribes offers digital transformation, management and data management. As a community of specialized independent consultants, we are ideally positioned to support your company in the modernization of your Decision-Making Information Systems. Our experienced consultants can help you develop tailored strategies, identify and mitigate potential risks, and integrate innovative solutions to secure and make your data more reliable, optimizing decision-making and promoting long-term growth.

Effective management of IS modernization is therefore essential to any successful digital transformation initiative. By adopting a methodical approach and overcoming challenges, your company can successfully move towards a more reliable and secure digital infrastructure.


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