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The consulting market is currently experiencing fierce competition. Why is this so? Demand far outstrips supply in terms of qualified consultants. This situation makes candidates more selective and demanding about the consulting assignments they accept, and makes it more difficult for companies and recruiters to find suitable profiles.

At Focustribes, we place the respect for our values, which is the strength of our quality label, at the heart of our priorities. We are ready to rise to the challenge of providing superior services to our independent consultants and our customers.


The purpose of this article is to introduce you to our approach by sharing our values and explaining why you should join our teams and/or benefit from our services.

There's no empty rhetoric here: we're looking for authenticity, and that's precisely what we want to share with you.




Faced with this talent shortage, companies find themselves having to rethink their approach to recruitment and team retention. But what factors have contributed to this shortage? While containment has played an important role, it's not the only reason.


The business world is constantly evolving, especially with the advent of new technologies, artificial intelligence and the challenges they bring. To meet these new challenges and stand out from the competition, companies need consultants with specific skills and expertise in precise fields.


Many companies, for example, are attaching great importance to the digital transition. They are looking for highly qualified consultants who are experts in this field. The ultimate goal is to find new levers for growth in a constantly evolving environment.


  • Companies can rely on consultants who, thanks to their operational expertise, provide great flexibility for short, medium and even long-term assignments. So, rather than training new employees, they can simply call on consultants to gain in speed and efficiency.


Finding competent consultants has become a real challenge, especially as it is difficult to find available consultants who are not already committed to an assignment. There are several reasons for this talent shortage, particularly in the fields of management consulting, change management and IT governance. Companies need to transform themselves to adapt to the market, reorganize or develop new strategies to remain successful and attractive. These transformations have to be carried out in parallel with day-to-day operations. Hence the growing demand for specialized profiles to support functional teams, as can be seen in projects involving information systems such as SAP S/4 Hana, or reorganization projects such as AMOA or Carve In / Carve Out.


Changing needs and skills, the flexibility offered by consultants, and the scarcity of talent are all factors influencing the balance between supply and demand for consultants.


Freelancers can be a sustainable solution to talent shortages. They bring expertise, adaptability and autonomy, but it's essential to find the right partner and make decisions quickly to optimize a freelancer's involvement in a project.


Johanna Derennes, team member Johanna Derennes takes a closer look at this issue. Read her article "Talent shortage: could freelancers be the solution?"


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At Focustribes, our aim is to rehumanize the world of consulting. This means respecting the strong values that are the pillars of our Quality Label and the strength of our community. We don't simply place a consultant on an assignment, we go much further. We carefully accredit them, validating their know-how and interpersonal skills well in advance. We then accompany them closely, taking the time to establish an in-depth dialogue, and carefully ensuring that their profile is in perfect harmony with the initial requirements, all in a spirit of mutual respect. Our ultimate aim is to guarantee the satisfaction of both consultant and customer.


At the heart of our approach are 4 core values that guide our every action:


-> Excellence : a sense of service and the pleasure of a job well done


Level 1: Through the recruitment of consultants via a demanding accreditation process guaranteeing a high level of skills. 
Level 2: Excellence within the Focustribes team in the quality of service provided both internally and to all our partners.


-> Engagement : invest fully and freely in each of our missions


At Focustribes, we cultivate a sense of effort and commitment to our customers and consultants to provide maximum added value.


-> Trust : We work with transparency and benevolence, whether with our customers or our consultants.


  • - Consultants place their trust in us by sharing their profiles and CVs
    - Customers entrust us with high value-added assignments


-> Collective: essential pillar of our business and strength of our community.


Our aim is to bring the value of collaboration and participation to independent consultants, whether on assignment or not. Feeling less isolated, while remaining free, and sharing experiences and best practices, allows you to grow and enrich yourself, because together we're stronger!


Despite the current market challenges, we are determined to maintain our high standards and focus on quality in our service offerings. We understand the importance of an optimal match between the consultant's skills and the customer's needs, and we strive to create fruitful synergies.


With us, it's not just about finding a job, it's about building a fulfilling career aligned with your professional ambitions. We firmly believe that every individual has the potential to succeed and flourish in an environment that values their skills and values.


A member of the Focustribes team for 3 years, Manon is now Talent Acquisition Lead and heads up the Barcelona team.

Here, she talks about her career and her mission at FocusTribes, focusing on her vision of the company's values and how she lives them every day :






Why join our community? What benefits and opportunities does it offer? What makes Focustribes different from other companies?


At our company, we value your skills and your career path. We're proud to promote your profile to our customers to showcase your expertise. We prepare you in advance for customer interviews so that you're ready and have all the information you need. We also send you feedback from the interviews so that you can work on your areas for improvement, but also take into account the elements that were successful and appreciated.

Joining Focustribes offers you the chance to find rewarding professional assignments at every level, enabling you to progress in your field of expertise and add value to your profile. Whether you're already self-employed or not, by joining our community you'll benefit from ongoing support to find the assignments that match your expectations. What's more, you'll benefit from the strength of our network and our quality label.


By joining Focustribes, you'll also have access to our Webinars on topical subjects related to our field of activity. If you like to pass on your knowledge and experience, you'll be able to share it with other participants, showcasing your expertise.

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So don't wait any longer to join us on the Focustribes adventure, as part of a high value-added community of experts. We're much more than just a consulting firm. We're a team with our community of freelance consultants, and we offer you the opportunity to put all the cards on your side.


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