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Program Director Lab

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The Program Director Lab, created in 2021, is the first Think Tank dedicated to decision-makers involved in the performance of large-scale strategic programs.

The central aim of these initiatives is to take a step back to enable our development and growth.


By drawing on the experiences of others, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and adopt more effective approaches. By sharing our successes and failures, we create a dynamic learning community.

The Program Director Lab brings together key players in business transformation, who contribute their expertise, perspectives and innovative ideas. Working together, they seek to push back the boundaries of transformation by exploring new methods, identifying emerging trends and assessing the impact on organisations.

Led by 6 Program Directors, the Circle aims to unite a community of decision-makers committed to the performance of large-scale strategic programs.


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I'm discovering the LAB'




The Program Director lab is the first think tank that gives you an in-depth understanding of how companies work and how they are likely to evolve.


As well as sharing, the Program Director Lab is a great way to cultivate your professional network.



One of the key objectives of the Program Director Lab is to help you grow and enrich your knowledge. Think about the relevant actions you can take to contribute to the company's development.

In short, the Program Director Lab is an initiative designed to encourage mutual learning and stimulate innovation in the field of business transformation. By sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and thinking collectively, we can reach new heights in our transformation and optimisation efforts. 

It's all about one thing: taking a step back to help ourselves grow.


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