Meeting with the founders of Focustribes



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Created by independent consultants for independent consultants, FocusTribes differs from others by its "win-win" principle to make projects a real success. Meet the founders.




Mathias: I am a pure consultant, I was trained in big firms, before becoming independent in 2012.

Aurélie: Unlike Mathias, I don't come from the consulting world at all. I have a marketing background, I worked as a product manager and team leader in retail.



M: Being in this world, I observed the needs on a daily basis. In 2016 the concept of FocusTribes was born, with a system of co-optation and accreditation of consultants. I was inspired by my own experience as a freelance consultant, where I recommended consultants I knew to companies.

A: Putting people at the heart of our business is one of our convictions. To do this, in addition to know-how, which is obviously key, human skills are a key factor in the selection of consultants in our community. You must know how to unite teams around projects, and it's easier if you know how to create a positive working atmosphere!



A and M: We provide high value-added consulting services to large companies with ambitious management or reorganization projects, often including an information system (IS) component. We have a dual business and IT culture. We are therefore able to implement company transformations by intervening on the business side of projects.



A and M: We have a selective community that develops through co-optation and recommendation, with an accreditation process. Before integrating a consultant into our tribe, we spend time with them to understand theirs expectations and above all to ensure that they have the right skills. All our consultants have a rich experience, real know-how (80% have been trained in Big5), team spirit and are driven by personal values such as commitment, trust, and transparency. Our clients feel the difference. We do not have juniors and offer a real after-sales service to clients, ensuring a replacement or reinforcement of the teams if necessary.


Even if our consultants join a community, they remain independent: we will never be their boss, but they will never be alone. We see this collective model as the new world of work, with a significant increase in freelancers.


Large companies often hold back by thinking that freelance consultants are unreliable, that they can leave if they find better-paid project and that good resources are scarce. But they forget that freelancers are entrepreneurs first and foremost; customer satisfaction is even more important to them.