How to prepare to become a freelancer: Expert advice



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The world of work is changing fast, and with it, new opportunities are emerging for ambitious professionals to take their destiny into their own hands. These days, more and more people are considering setting up as freelance consultants, attracted by the flexibility, independence and ability to shape their careers on their own terms. However, the process of transitioning to the freelance world doesn't happen overnight, and requires some serious thought.

If you've ever wondered about the possibility of becoming a freelance consultant, it's essential to carefully assess your personal, professional and emotional situation. Becoming a freelance consultant can be an exhilarating adventure, but it's also a serious commitment that requires courage, planning and determination.


In this article, we're delighted to present some essential solutions and practices to ease your transition to a freelance career. To this end, we've been privileged to benefit from the enlightened advice of Olivier HERLET, Associate Director of FocusTribes. This invaluable advice will help you to better understand your future professional choices. Before making this crucial decision, take the time to reflect on your true desire to embark on this adventure.



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O.H : « In my opinion, freelancing is a question of desire.». 


In the quest for professional independence, Olivier emphasizes the vital importance of the motivation to go freelance. In his view, a sincere and deep-seated desire to embrace this path is the essential driving force behind taking the plunge. He shares his personal experience: "I really wanted to be a freelancer, but I didn't know if I was ready. This desire is the fundamental foundation for a successful transition to a freelance career, where every step is guided by this intrinsic motivation.




To assess your readiness to become a freelancer, Olivier recommends one essential step: thorough information. It's only by fully understanding the implications of this choice that you can make an informed decision about your professional future.


Beyond the idealized image of freelancing, Olivier urges us to adopt a nuanced approach. While this career is often synonymous with freedom and independence, we shouldn't overlook the less fun aspects. He rightly points out: "We see a lot of the positive sides. Some people want to go freelance in search of freedom, to free themselves from some of the red tape associated with large companies or firms". Having a global vision of this profession, taking into account administrative procedures and responsibilities, not forgetting aspects linked to social protection, is essential to making a fair and realistic decision.



Finally, Olivier insists on the crucial importance of gathering feedback before making the decision to become a freelancer. He strongly encourages exchanges with professionals already established in the freelance field, as well as with seasoned consultants. He stresses the importance of exploring the behind-the-scenes aspects of freelance consultants' day-to-day work, highlighting elements that are often overlooked: administrative management, customer prospecting, network management. These enriching discussions give us a better grasp of the day-to-day reality of this type of work, and the challenges inherent in this profession.


O.H : « To find out if you're ready, I think it's important to talk to people who are already freelancers, or consultants you know, to find out what their day-to-day lives are like... With these answers, you can see if you're ready to accept certain constraints... ». 


This invaluable information enables you to accurately assess your own preparation and determine whether you are really ready to take this step towards professional autonomy. By capitalizing on these lessons, everyone can better approach this new stage of their career with confidence and clear-sightedness.

In conclusion, launching a freelance career requires careful thought and preparation. A sincere desire and the seeking of information from experienced professionals are essential elements in making an informed decision. With a global and realistic vision of freelance status, you'll be better prepared to embrace this new professional adventure. With determination and passion, you'll be able to build a fulfilling career as a freelancer, free from the constraints and open to the opportunities of professional independence.


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