Freelance Invoices: Essential Guide

Alizée JEGO


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As a freelance consultant, creating your invoices is a crucial step to ensure an effective professional relationship with your clients. A well-designed invoice reflects your seriousness and professionalism. This article, specially crafted for you, independent consultants, will guide you through the mandatory information to include in your invoices. To make the process even easier, we also offer a downloadable invoice template.


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When issuing invoices as a freelance consultant, certain information must be included on the document. Here are the essential details to include:


Your contact information: Ensure to include your complete details, including name, postal address, phone number, and email. This allows your clients to reach you easily if needed.


Client's contact information: Also, mention your client's details, including their name (or company name), address, and contact information.


Date of issuance: Clearly indicate the date when the invoice was issued. This is important for traceability and payment tracking.


Invoice number: Number your invoices sequentially for easy identification and accounting purposes.


Service description: Clearly describe the services provided, along with the quantity. Specify your daily service rate and the number of days. Be precise and detailed.


Total amount due: Indicate the total amount to be paid by your client, along with the breakdown of rates and any additional fees.



If you are a freelance consultant working with Focustribes or other international companies, understanding VAT implications based on the involved countries is crucial. For example, Focustribes operates with two distinct legal entities: one in France and one in Spain.


Here's how VAT applies in different situations:


If your company is based in France and you invoice a French company (e.g., Focustribes France): You must apply a 20% VAT rate on your service and travel expenses.


If your company is based in France and you invoice a Spanish company (e.g., Focustribes Spain): When invoicing a company from another country, no VAT should be applied, neither on your service nor on travel expenses.


If your company is based in Spain and you invoice a Spanish company: The applicable VAT rate will be 21%, both on your service and travel expenses.


It is essential to understand these differences in VAT treatment to comply with appropriate tax regulations and avoid any confusion or errors in invoicing. Make sure to adhere to the tax rules of each country to ensure accurate and hassle-free invoicing.



To streamline your invoice writing, we have designed a Focustribes invoice template that you can download in Excel format and customize according to your needs. This template already includes the mandatory inclusions mentioned earlier, allowing you to focus on tailoring specific information for each client and project.



In addition to the mandatory inclusions, paying attention to the overall presentation of your invoice is crucial. Adopt a clean and professional design to portray a serious image of your company. A clear header with your logo or company logo can add a touch of professionalism to your invoice.


Moreover, remember to use a friendly and polite tone in your wording. If possible, add a brief note of gratitude for your client's collaboration.



Always keep a copy of each issued invoice for your records and accounting. Also, follow up on payments and kindly remind clients in case of payment delays.


Writing invoices is an essential aspect of your work as a freelance consultant. By including mandatory inclusions and using a professional invoice template, you enhance your image with clients and simplify the payment process. Download the Focustribes invoice template now.


Find the customizable template for a complete invoice through the link below.

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