Digital transformation at a major retailer: Nick's testimonial



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Digital transformation, like any other transformation, is above all a question of people. The challenge is to have the right teams, in the right place, at the right time. 


Nick, independent consultant and community member, tells us here about his experience with FocusTribes for our client Kering 👇



I have been an SAP consultant and project manager for 15 years. I am currently working on a project for FocusTribes for a large client in the retail and luxury sector. I have been a freelancer for 10 years now. This allowed me to join the "Tribe".


I am currently working on an omnichannel project with the integration team. I am really at the crossroads between OMS and WMS. The OMS concerns all the management on the order-taking side. The WMS concerns warehouse management and also the various payment tools. My role is to facilitate the passage of information between the different systems ("legacies"). 


FocusTribes allows me to be accompanied by consultants who know our business. They validate our skills, the good feedback from our experiences with clients and we can then discuss very openly the opportunities or the type of mission that suits us. We also have a privileged relationship with the Tribe; we can discuss with different experts on different subjects and also have a different discourse and relationship with regard to the type of mission we can have.


Yes, clearly. You can feel the expertise of each of us. It doesn't matter what background, what IS you've worked on, but the expertise and experience of being a consultant is felt at FocusTribes. It's not just a company that tries to place you on any assignment, for any price... or on an assignment where you don't have a strong added value that highlights your expertise. So you can clearly feel the change and it's something I've been hooked on. That's why I chose to join the Tribe.