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One of the advantages of working with freelance consultants is the up-to-date, outside perspective they can bring to the company. On the other hand, at the start of a project, freelancers need to listen carefully and take the time to fully understand the company's particularities.


Below is a video testimonial from our customer Novastock 👇



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Novastock is a company specialized in inventory management for retail and industry. We operate mainly in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. Our job is to deploy resources and methods in a uniform way for our customers. And the IT part of our business is decisive in ensuring the productivity and reliability of our operations.


Working with freelancers gave us an up-to-date, outside view of technological, organizational and managerial issues. And all this resulted in a real analysis and decision-making grid that was extremely clear and relevant.


Our business is a complex one, and we very much appreciated the fact that the FocusTribes teams took the time to fully understand all the particularities of our business before going any further with the assignment. This was a decisive factor in the success of the project.


When it comes to developing a company's IT function, calling in independent consultants can offer many advantages. These freelancers bring an outside, fresh and up-to-date view of technological, organizational and managerial issues. Their expertise provides a clear, relevant framework for analysis and decision-making.


In the case of Novastock, a company specializing in inventory management for the retail and industrial sectors, their business relies heavily on the productivity and reliability of their IT operations. That's why working with freelancers proved essential. Working mainly in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland, Novastock deploys resources and methods uniformly for its customers.


When asked about the advantages of working with freelancers, Novastock points to the fresh perspective these consultants can bring. They're up to date on the latest technologies and trends, which means we benefit from cutting-edge expertise. What's more, by going through an in-depth analysis, they have succeeded in defining a clear analysis and decision-making grid, enabling informed decisions to be made.


Novastock particularly appreciated working with FocusTribes. The FocusTribes teams took the time to gain an in-depth understanding of Novastock's business before proceeding with the assignment. This in-depth understanding played a decisive role in the success of the project. Indeed, the complexity of Novastock's business required a tailored approach, and working with independent consultants enabled us to respond effectively to these specific needs.


In conclusion, Novastock's testimonial highlights the benefits of hiring independent consultants to carry out a diagnosis of a company's IT function. Their outside, up-to-date view, combined with an in-depth understanding of the company's particularities, can lead to significant results and improved productivity and reliability of operations.


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