Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics in the medical sector: Customer Story



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Teladoc Health International is one of the world's leading telemedicine companies, listed on the stock exchange and headquartered in New York. Gabriel de Quatrebarbes, CFO, is responsible for the company's international operations based in Barcelona. In this interview, Gabriel shares his experience of working with FocusTribes, highlighting the appreciated aspects of their collaboration as well as the added value of FocusTribes' consultants.


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The FocusTribes teams spent a lot of time with us upstream, to fully understand the project and the needs we had. As a result, the selection process for the consultant who joined us was very efficient.


FocusTribes was the only company that really adapted to our needs. The FocusTribes consultant was able to put all his experience to good use, really taking into account the specific organization we had within the company. His interpersonal skills and his ability to adapt are human qualities which really made the project a success, and which are key in a good consultant! In the end, we succeeded in developing a solution that was totally adapted to our needs.


This testimonial highlights FocusTribes' personalized and adaptable approach to project implementation. Upstream investment in understanding the customer's specific needs, combined with the expertise and human qualities of our consultants, contribute to maximizing project success.


The collaboration between Teladoc Health Internati

onal and FocusTribes has been a fruitful one, thanks to the attentiveness, adaptability and expertise of FocusTribes' consultants. This testimonial highlights the importance of choosing a partner who understands the company's specific needs to maximize project success.


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