The reasons for the meteoric rise of freelancers.

Johanna Derennes


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Generation Z, made up of young people between the ages of 16 and 26, is increasingly attracted to freelancing. According to a study conducted by Fiverr, 58% of young French people in this generation are considering freelancing at some point in their career, while 67% of young people worldwide are ready to become self-employed.



Generation Z youth have grown up in a connected world, where access to information and opportunity is easier than ever. They grew up seeing examples of entrepreneurs and freelancers succeeding and living their lives independently. For them, freelancing offers greater freedom and independence than traditional jobs. They have the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, and with anyone they want. This freedom allows them to manage their schedule according to their needs and goals, and to work on projects they are passionate about.


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In a world marked by inflation and economic instability, many young people in Generation Z see freelancing as a viable option for increasing their income. For them, freelancing allows them to earn more money than with a full-time job, especially if they have the ability to raise their rates if necessary. This increased income can lead to a more financially stable life, which is important for young people looking to build their future.


Generation Z youth are motivated to become freelancers because they see it as a way to learn new skills that they might not develop in a full-time job. Freelancing allows them to work on different projects that challenge them and help them learn new skills. They can also work with different clients, industries and work environments that are outside their comfort zone. For employers, this means that freelancers can bring a wealth of skills to their company.



The study also found that 71% of Gen Zers want flexible work hours, and 35% want a positive work environment. These results suggest that Gen Zers value their work-life balance and appreciate the freedom and independence that freelancing offers. With the flexibility to work when and where they want, they can achieve a better work-life balance, which is essential for their well-being.



Finally, the study found that one in four Generation Z youth intend to start their own business. This aspiration to become an entrepreneur is a significant shift from the traditional career paths that previous generations have followed. Many young people are now exploring their passions and pursuing their interests to create a career that aligns with their values and goals. As freelancers, they have the opportunity to develop their own business and work on projects they are passionate about.


With this growing trend of younger generations turning to freelance work, companies must adapt to attract and retain top talent. Employers need to understand that freelancers are a growing force in the job market and have different needs than full-time employees. Companies can start by offering flexible schedules and positive work environments, which are priorities for independent workers. They can also offer challenging projects that allow freelancers to develop their skills and work on projects that match their passions and interests.
Another strategy is to offer benefits such as health and life insurance, which are often difficult for freelancers to obtain. Companies can also consider working with freelance platforms to find qualified talent, like FocusTribes for specific projects. Finally, companies should also work to create a company culture that is attractive to freelancers. This can include social events, mentoring programs, training and professional development opportunities, and recognition for freelancers' achievements.


In short, the world of work is moving more and more towards the increasing development of freelance work. Generation Z is a generation that is looking for fulfillment in their professional careers while having a work-life balance. Freelancers can offer a solution that meets these needs by providing flexible hours, the opportunity to learn new skills, greater independence and the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship. Employers need to understand that the self-employed are a growing force in the labor market and must adapt to this new reality to attract and retain top talent. Ultimately, the benefits of freelancing are attracting more and more young professionals who are looking to build a career that aligns with their personal values and goals.


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