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As we all know, the major challenge for the coming years is to transform our society and our companies around CSR issues, and in particular the decarbonization of our economies. As players in corporate transformation, we have a particular responsibility in these areas.

For the third season of the Program Director Lab (PDL), we wanted to pursue our reflections on this priority CSR theme. Drawing on the tremendous potential of the focusTribes community, we shared methodologies and concrete examples to help participants gain perspective and activate the right levers to define the path to a more sustainable transformation.


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In this White Paper, you will find summaries of the various meetings held over the past year.


The following topics will be addressed and developed with concrete feedback from our partners:


A transformation program is a set of projects designed to bring about lasting, significant change. It impacts on the day-to-day lives of employees, and therefore on organizations, processes and information systems. Here we look at the key factors for success, such as :






To ensure the financing of the transition, the aim is to create a virtuous circle facilitating the orientation of capital towards more sustainable activities. New obligations will therefore be imposed on companies, particularly in terms of reporting.



Read what the head of transformation at a major global luxury group has to say. He discusses the following topics in particular :







We share with you the testimony of the head of transformation at a major player in the pharmaceutical industry: project methodology, governance of strategic projects, and in particular the link between the Group vs. local/business vision.


In short, to enable you to forge your own convictions through sharing and exchange, whether you're an employee or a freelancer, to help you move forward in your thinking and help you grow - that's the added value that our community of over 1000 hand-picked consultants strives to bring you. We try to do this with seriousness and modesty.


We're always open to your comments and ideas.


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