Freelancers, the revolution is on



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The increase of self-employed people is constantly growing. Freelancers offer several benefits to businesses, and involve many changes...

A recent McKinsey study reveals that between 20 and 30% of the workforce in developed markets is self-employed. By 2023, 50% of the workforce will be self-employed in the US. Among the various sectors, one is gaining momentum: consulting.


If the number of freelancers is on the rise, it is also because of the advantages they represent for companies, whether they are start-ups or multinationals. The best talents can respond to one-off assignments. This increases productivity, as the freelancer will have all the necessary skills to manage the project, while optimizing costs. A company will save more money by using a freelancer in the necessary phases rather than by employing them.


Using a freelancer at the right time is proving to be a positive experience for companies. Many confirm that freelancers are highly motivated. They don't hesitate to go beyond their scope, and to pass on their expertise by increasing the skills of the members of the teams they join.


A good consultant must have real know-how. This means that they must constantly update their skills and expertise, to remain at the best level. Being self-employed, they know that they must always be in line with the market to have every chance of obtaining contracts. According to a study published this year by Forbes, 66% of freelancers update their skills compared to 53% of employees. They anticipate possible changes in their sector in the coming years. Know-how also includes the ability to handle pressure, be bold to achieve the required goals, and adapt from day one.



But that's not all. Being a consultant is a real job and it is not just a question of expertise; it is above all a question of knowing how to behave and a having a solid methodology.


Fluid communication is the key, particularly for transmitting precise information in sometimes complex contexts, giving relevant advice, and knowing how to federate teams to achieve the objectives set.


If you recognize yourself in these last lines, then you may be ready to join the movement!  


Selectivity, experience and interpersonal skills are our key words at FocusTribes. Since our creation, we have capitalized on these pillars in order to be able to meet the growing need for quality freelance consultants in a changing world of work.