Freelance consultants : how to stop feeling isolated?



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At FocusTribes, we are committed to creating a strong collective so that independent consultants can share their experiences and feel supported. Our quality label, based on the high level of expertise of its members, also places great emphasis on the collaborative aspect. The consultants who join the Tribe are carefully selected for their high level of competence, but also for their interpersonal skills, and in particular their sense of teamwork, a key value in our Tribe. 


Alexandre, an independent consultant for 6 years and a member of the community for 3 years, is a perfect example. Here he talks about his collaboration with FocusTribes for one of our clients in the industrial sector, and in particular about the proximity support and the strength of this network of experts that the community represents👇 



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Hello, I'm Alexandre.
I am an SAP Finance Controlling consultant.
I first worked in consulting companies, at the beginning of my career on SAP implementation or deployment projects.
Since 2016, I work as an independent SAP consultant.


I have been working for two years with FocusTribes on a large S4 Hana implementation project, for a client in the mining sector.
To date, I have been involved in the deployment of the Core Model project, with companies in Greece, Germany, France and Italy.


What I like about FocusTribes is that they don't just place consultants.
They follow the project like a consultancy and develop a network of expertise which means you are not isolated.


Beyond the isolation, Alexandre also revealed that he particularly appreciated the values advocated by the Tribe, namely Excellence, Commitment, Trust and Collective. According to him, Focustribes had managed, via its recruitment process, to federate consultants who really share these 4 values, and they speak to him because he sees them when he exchanges with the other freelancers, members of FocusTribes, who work with him on the project, or during his exchanges with the FocusTribes teams.