Covid, leading business transformation: 5 key ideas


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The health crisis has turned our lives upside down and presented companies with unprecedented challenges. In this new, uncertain future, companies must be highly adaptable if they are to succeed. To help decision-makers engaged in major transformation programs, FocusTribes has brought together a panel of experts to debate this crucial topic and present five key ideas for navigating the new post-Covid environment.


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Crisis, launch and deployment: what strategy for transformation programs?

Projects mostly maintained, but with an overall acceleration in pace


The crisis has brought about significant changes in the way companies approach their transformation projects. Although some projects have been put on hold, the majority of transformation programs already underway have been maintained. In fact, the crisis has revealed new needs, particularly in terms of digitalization. Faced with the need to continue selling despite the restrictions, many companies have had to adapt to new consumer trends and strengthen their e-commerce presence. This situation has created increased pressure on lead times, and companies have had to accelerate their transformation initiatives to remain competitive.


At the first Program Director Lab session organized by FocusTribes, several key strategies were identified to guide companies through their post-Covid transformation. Here are five key ideas that emerged from these discussions:


The crisis has called many initial plans into question, and it's crucial for companies to review their objectives in the light of the new context. This means rethinking priorities, defining new success indicators and reviewing the resources allocated to different projects.


The crisis has highlighted the importance of organizational resilience. Companies need to invest in flexible structures and processes that enable them to adapt quickly to change and maintain their business even under difficult conditions.


The pandemic has accelerated the need to go digital. Companies need to invest in innovative technologies to improve operational efficiency, optimize processes and deliver a seamless, connected customer experience.



Companies need to foster a culture of innovation within their organization. This means creating an environment where employees are encouraged to propose new ideas, experiment and learn from failure. Innovation must be integrated into the company's DNA.



The crisis has shown the importance of collaboration and cooperation between different stakeholders. Companies need to strengthen their partnerships, both internally and externally, to maximize resources, share knowledge and create synergies.


In conclusion, the health crisis has created many challenges for companies, but it has also opened up new opportunities for transformation. By following these five key ideas, companies can successfully navigate this new post-Covid context and emerge stronger and more resilient. To find out more about the recommendations from FocusTribes' Program Director Lab session, we invite you to download the full report.


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