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The program manager plays a key role in a company's transformation, whether in digital or other fields. Their cross-functional role enables them to pool experience and facilitate its dissemination. However, once their mission is over, how can they capitalize on this experience and project themselves towards new challenges? FocusTribes brought together a group of decision-makers to share their views and experiences.


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The position of program manager is often associated with large-scale transformation projects. These programs can have a significant impact on the company's structure, processes and culture. The program manager plays a key role in the success of these projects, ensuring coordination between the various stakeholders, aligning objectives and ensuring that deliverables are met.


However, once the project is over, the program manager may find himself at a crossroads. How can they capitalize on their experience? How can they project themselves towards new professional opportunities? These are precisely the questions that the group of decision-makers brought together by FocusTribes addressed.


One of the main areas of discussion was the need to document and share best practices and lessons learned during the project. It is essential to capitalize on this experience by creating a knowledge base that can benefit other future projects. This can be done through reports, post-project reviews or even in-house training courses.


Participants also stressed the importance of keeping in touch with team members and key project stakeholders. These professional relationships can prove invaluable for future projects or professional recommendations.


Finally, the group of decision-makers emphasized the importance of keeping abreast of new trends and developments in the field. As transformation is an ongoing process, it is essential for program managers to keep abreast of technological advances, new methodologies and best practices.


By capitalizing on acquired experience and remaining open to opportunities, the program manager can look forward to new challenges with confidence and success.


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