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Six out of 10 employees feel isolated within their company.* But then, isn't it worse when you're a Freelancer!!! 😱


That's why you need to know how to surround yourself with the right people... But how?



Together we're stronger !

At FocusTribes, we're always looking for ways to bring you more added value !


Last November, we had the pleasure of inviting our community and partners to an ALL-NEW, EXCEPTIONAL cultural venue on the banks of the Seine...


Discover the atmosphere of these Tribu highlights 👇

Participate in these Tribe Meetups to :


Find consultants Members of the FocusTribes community and come meet our partners.


This time it was contemporary photography, with young emerging talents and a choice exhibition on the theme of young energies.


Share an evening with other consultants and partners from your professional sector in an informal setting.


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*according to a study carried out by Paris Workplace in partnership with ifop